Over 30 years of experience in the market makes Sun Beans Foods Industries Sdn Bhd one of the most reputable manufacturers of quality assortment beans in Malaysia. Founded in 1985, the brand is a symbol of quality manufacturing for assortment beans, cooling water and its own consumer brand Sun Beans, which made its debut in 2007.

Sun Beans Foods Industries Sdn Bhd has gone through sustainable growth since Mr. Teoh Ching Sim took over the company in 1997. A visionary himself with solid background in snacks and food manufacturing industry, Mr. Teoh is passionate about producing the most scrumptious assortment beans for our customers - from the very initial stage of choosing the best raw materials, to creating the most delectable favouring through continuous research and development.

Over the years, Sun Beans Foods Industries Sdn Bhd has been leading the trend in assortment beans manufacturing. We were the first few assortment beans manufacturer in the region to import raw materials from overseas. We believe having full control over the entire manufacturing process is the best way to ensure that we produce the best products.

Mr. Teoh’s relentless effort in striving for excellence is deeply embedded into our company culture, inspiring the whole company to continuously focus on improvising the quality of our products.



Sun Beans Foods Industries Sdn Bhd aims to be the leading manufacturer for premium quality assortment beans, and one of the most important element to achieve that is to continuously upgrading our factory facilities. 

The company is now operating in 4 modern factories in Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia, equipped with state-of-the-art equipments and machineries. Our factories uphold strict hygiene standards and thorough quality control to ensure our manufacturing qualities.



Sun Beans Foods Industries Sdn Bhd is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified manufacturer by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Sun Beans Foods Industries Sdn Bhd is also a medical license holder by Malaysia National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau. We are in the process of acquiring Halal certification from JAKIM on our products.

Sun Beans Foods Industries Sdn Bhd aims to become a global leader in assortment beans manufacturing industry with carefully planned expansion strategy into global market.