Sun Beans brand is a household brand in snack food industry. Our deep understanding in what customers are looking for in their assortment beans and snacks allows us to continuously innovate to meet the ever changing appetites and tastes. 

Sun Beans Foods Industries Sdn Bhd carries a complete range of assortment beans and nuts. We are at a constant lookout for innovations and improvements not just in our manufacturing, packaging and flavouring, but also strive to be a healthier choice for public consumption.



Assortment Beans

Sun Beans Foods Industries Sdn Bhd carries a wide variety of nuts and beans that are produced in the highest manufacturing standard and carefully packaged in various sizes and shapes.



Cooling Water

Our signature Tri Leaves Brand cooling water is one of the leading brands in the market. A traditional chinese medicine drink manufactured with the best ingredients to provide the maximum effect to relieve body “heatiness”.